HumanLabs customers include individuals, world-class athletes, executives, corporations, and health care institutions.  For example:

  • A Formula-1 team asked HumanLabs to identify the factors that help to make its drivers drive faster.
  • A C-level executive in Spain contracted HumanLabs to supervise his return to health after he suffered a heart attack.
  • A hospital in Italy asked HumanLabs to design and implement an information system to remotely care for elderly patients living at home.
  • An Olympic caliber athlete asked HumanLabs to optimize training schedules to maximize performance for Olympic trials.
  • Many everyday people have asked HumanLabs to help them lose weight and maximize fitness with scientifically proven, and above all individualized, methods.
  • A company in Chicago has asked HumanLabs to devise and implement a holistic approach toward employee health and wellness, including goals, measurable metrics, and milestones.

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