The HumanLabs Vision
You just had an outstanding day! You started with a great night's sleep and woke ready to move mountains. During your morning workout, you felt stronger than you have in years. You ran farther and faster than the rest. When you arrived at work, your thinking was lucid. You planned the work, gave clear instructions to the team, and then watched them as they marched off inspired to success. Your presentation went like a charm - never were you so forceful and persuasive. And when you arrived at home for the evening, your energies were renewed by the glow of your supportive family experience.

How did this come about?
You made it happen with a capability never before available. You see and influence the data of self – the medical and physiological data that makes a difference in your daily performance.

  • What if you had the tools to understand what makes your mind and body perform at personal peak levels?
  • What if you could repeat this performance almost every day? 
  • What if you could put your hands on the levers - and understand better the physiological causal and correlative relationships that drive you to behave the way you do?
How Can HumanLabs Help Make This Happen?
We believe that a number of factors are converging to give individuals a new level of control over the information of their lives.  Medical monitoring is becoming less expensive, and information once available to specialists is now democratized. 

By using this information to promote deeper understanding, individuals can achieve unprecedented levels of physical and psychological performance.  Every person has different needs and requirements.  These needs can be met – and personal goals achieved - in a very individual way through the innovative application of new technologies.

The Human Data Insights initiative helps to bring the vision of The Infolocus Manifesto (Gutenberg Press, 2000) to fruition.  The technologies and services of the Infolocus help ordinary and extraordinary people to harness the hidden power of the data that they generate every day.  Realtime results mean that people can get instantaneous feedback about their behaviors, and use the information to make decisions that can enhance the quality of their daily performance and their lives.

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