HumanLabs is dedicated to the discovery and application of new tools, technologies and ideas to help individuals improve their health and performance through augmented understanding of their medical, physiological and psychological information.

HumanLabs offerings are organized around customized Consulting Services, standardized Service Offerings, and state-of-the-art Tools and body monitors.

Consulting Services
HumanLabs employs a team of experts capable of conceiving and creating affordable customized solutions for enterprises and individuals.  HumanLabs offers end-to-end service, from strategic ideation through technical implementation, process consulting, and change management.

Service Offerings and Tools
HumanLabs has prepared a number of solutions that can be leveraged for your benefit:

  • HumanLabs Insight is a suite of technologies and services for systematically monitoring, collecting, homogenizing, transmitting, aggregating, storing, and analyzing human physiological data with the aim of identifying performance enhancing areas of improvement.
  • The Personal Dataspace is one logical location, independent of any one infodevice, for storage, retrieval, analysis and correlation of personal data managed for the individual by the individual.
  • State-of-the-art devices for monitoring body metrics are integrated with HumanLabs system for improving human performance.  Our system is device independent, which means that we have the freedom to develop and choose the best devices for the client need, such as those developed for high-performance athletics, space travel, and medical applications.
  • HumanLabs Genomic Services such as DNA Extraction and Analysis

  • HumanLabs Bodymap is a graphical representation of all the medical events that have occured in your body (e.g. accidents, fixes, surgeries, fillings)

  • Electronic Patient Record
  • HIPAA Compliance and privacy
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Telemedicine
  • Veterinary applications
  • Outsourced Medical Information Systems

  • Genetaceutical Research Correlation




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